SMA Webinar 12: The Benefits of Intensive Therapy

Developed for SMA Australia

Join us virtually via Zoom
Monday 23 May at 7:30pm EST

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This presentation will discuss the topic of intensive therapy relating to children with a diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Presenting this will be three physiotherapists from NAPA Centre Sydney; Georgia Dwyer, Joseph O’Brien and Jasmin Grey. NAPA Centre is a leading clinic in delivering the Intensive Model of Therapy (IMOT) to children of all ages and motor abilities.

Presenters will highlight what the Intensive Model of Therapy is, what the benefits intensive therapy offers to children with motor delays and how this model can be beneficial to children with SMA.

SMA Webinar 12

Within this, presenters will explore how various therapeutic tools and techniques can be used to address a child’s impairments when working towards a targeted goal, as well as how these methods can be utilised to accommodate for the earlier onset of fatigue commonly seen in children with SMA. Presenters will look to address the importance of a hollistic care approach across multiple disciplines within intensive therapy and how this aids children progress towards maximising their functional potential when entering school and community environments, before opening up to the audience for questioning.

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