SMA Adult Experiences 2020

Advocacy is important for our community.

It is vital that we continue to tell stories to highlight the still unmet need within the adult SMA community here in Australia, so that our leaders and decision makers are aware that this is still happening within our community. The new updated booklet will be used in this advocacy to report back to our federal MP’s on what the prospects are now for those living with the condition.

If you connected with an MP in the last round of advocacy, then we would love for you to reach out to us for a new letter and booklet to ensure you are equipped when you return to your MP’s office or contact them online to give them an update. There is power in numbers and we urge as many of you as possible to send in this booklet to your local member as they are there to help you as a constituent in your electorate.

Please contact us at for your personalised letter and booklet to send to a parliamentary representative.

Download the 2020 Adult Experiences Booklet on the SMA Community App today. Available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

SMA Adult Experiences 2nd Edition Social Promo

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