Carrier Screening

Last year we were tasked by the government to raise awareness about Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Our first project was launched in February 2020 – our brand new carrier screening website!

The website was built to raise awareness about the importance of having carrier screening either pre-pregnancy or in the early stages of pregnancy, and where people could access testing if they had heard about “Mackenzie’s Mission”, but weren’t able to be recruited into the pilot study.

“Mackenzie’s Mission” is a research study providing reproductive genetic carrier screening to 10,000 couples across Australia. The study is investigating the best way to deliver a national reproductive carrier screening program to all couples in Australia.

Carrier Screening enables couples to have an informed choice for their respective future, and access a test immediately.

We have also developed some new resources which have been uploaded to our community app.

The “how to have the conversation”, “how to be tested” and “what to do I do if I’m a carrier” brochures are now available and being distributed to GP’s to enable them to help couples make informed choices about their reproductive future.

We encourage you to contact the office if you would like us to send you a brochure.

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