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Research and Future Directions

For a long time the words there is no cure for SMA has been on the back of every parents diagnosis. With the advancements of modern technology and research into SMA, there are a number of breakthroughs in the advancement of ‘treatment’ into Spinal muscular Atrophy. Currently there are lots of work being done in the ‘gene therapy’ area and some excellent results have been seen through these trials. Focusing predominately on Type 1 SMA at this stage, the families of those being recruited into the trial have reported great results. This treatment is available through Melbourne and Sydney Children s hospitals at the present time, and have requirements for recruitment into the study. The results have been quite promising, but it is still in its infancy.

This will eventually lead to treatments for Type 2 SMA patients and beyond, but we need to be patient. Australia has some excellent doctors that treat SMA, and i do know they are passionate about those treatments being available here in Australia. If and when these trials happen, we will assist those doctors for the recruitment of patients into these studies.

Please contact us directly for further information about research and clinical trials here in Australia, and we will assist you in becoming involved in the right trial for you and your family.

Wai and Steve WA researchers