Peer Support Area

Peer Support Program.

MAny families over the years have asked to be connected to other families with SMA, and although in principal a wonderful idea, privacy and confidentiality laws  prevent us from  just ‘passing out’ people details.

We have now started this peer support area, so that families are able to connect with one another in a passive environment. ( we could have started a facebook group but not all our families are on facebook) So if you would like to become a part of this group and to join in on discussions and connect with other families,  then please let us know.

We will require you to be a financial member of the association ( apply for membership through the Administration forms tab)

You will then get a log in, and you will be able to access the names and area of where other families with SMA, who are happy to connect. Please be aware that not everyone wants to connect, and we need to respect those families who do not wish to do so.

If you would like to be a apart of the Peer Support Program, then please contact the office and we will organise your name to be added to the list of contactable people.